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About Us

After a long Christmas season delivering gifts and meeting children all over the world, Santa and Mrs Claus love to visit one of their many cottages. Santa and Mrs Claus have a cottage in every state of the union and one in every country in the world. They don't get to all of them each year, but they try and make at least one visit every few years. Sometimes you will see them at the local Walmart or McDonalds or maybe fishing on a lake. Each cottage has three elves taking care of it. They also have two dogs and one cat at each cottage. Santa and Mrs Claus love animals.


So throughout the year you never know where Santa or Mrs Claus will show up. You better be on your best behavior because an elf or maybe Santa himself will be watching you. Everytime you hear a jingle of a bell, an elf is near. Remember the reason for the season and be good, as you never know when we will drop into your town to relax and watch all the people.


May the Christmas spirit be with you all year 'round!


                   Love to all,


             Santa and Mrs C

Central Minnesota, SE Minnesota and Western Wisconsin are areas that Santa and Mrs. Claus love to visit during the year. Watch for us!

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